​Yamaha RD400E 1978

​​Light, torquey, precise and fun. With its brilliant attributes and image the RD400 soon attracted a loyal band of fans and most of them remain ardent followers today.
While most bigger bikes were pretty much all four strokes, and carrying the bulk that came with it, Yamaha continued to do what they were best at and continued refining the two strokes. None was a better all round package than the RD400 which had big bike performance coupled to small bike convenience.

They went like stink, cornered solidly and could stop on a sixpence. Better still they would still go well with your girlfriend on the back.

This example is the most well remembered and sought after E model in Competition Yellow and little epitomises the moment as well as an RD400 in Kenny Roberts colours.

The E model replaced points with CDI electronic ignition and increased the fork size to 35mm. The footrests were now mounted on the sides of the frame, rather than via the heavy underslung one piece version, and the spokes cast thinner on the wheels to save yet more weight. Porting was revised and, in combination with an enlargement of the exhaust bore, power was raised to 44hp.

This is a beautifully restored UK, matching numbers example that is ready to be used and enjoyed.

The mileage shows under 7,000 and, while it can’t be guaranteed, the big stash of MOTs suggests that it should be correct.