​​Proper Bikes Kawasaki Z1A Feature

​​​Classic Bike Magazine visit Proper Bikes once again. This time they compare our standard and lovely un-restored Kawasaki Z1A with the fully restored and modified special. The feature is for the June edition.

The Classic Bike team start off at Eagle E-Type's to get an understanding of the philosophy that Paul Brace has extended to the bikes. Eagle are renowned for providing the very best Jaguar E-Types in the world and, as well as conducting compromise free restorations for well over 20 years, Paul has been developing the extensive catalogue of upgrades and enhancements for which Eagle have become so well recognized.

The modified Zed in the feature shares the same principle of enhancing all elements of the riding experience without diluting the original classic spirit. The story is by John Naish, a Z1 owner himself, and photos are by Rory Game. Editor, Ben Miller came along as second rider in the action photos.