​​Classic Bike Magazine - Brilliant Buys

​​​The Classic Bike Magazine experts chose their best buys for 2014 and included the Proper Bikes restored GS750 and original GS1000. The GS750 was also chosen for the front cover and looks fabulous cranked over in the hands of Martin Fitz-Gibbons.

The list of brilliant buys includes our 8,500 mile un-restored GS1000 and restored GS750 and they loved them both. We can only agree that these bullet proof and highly capable machines are indeed 'under-appreciated gems to snap up'.

They describe the 750 engines as 'hushed, smooth and civilised at low speeds, swift in acceleration and packing the power to cruise at 90mph.' The frames they explain are 'one of the most benign, accurate and rewarding of 1970's superbikes to ride.' and add; 'Trackdays, fortnights in Europe, commuting, two-up blasts to the coast - the GS750 can do it all... '

The GS1000 feature is headed 'More of the same - in a good way.'

Cycle World is quoted as describing the GS1000 in 1978 as follows; 'Pitch it down, flop it, twitch it, swoop it - the GS1000 does exactly what it's told without any wobble or wallow. It's not going to take much to get this rocket ready for Superbike production racing.'