​​Proper Bikes International

​​​We are comfortable dealing with overseas clients and delighted to have happy buyers in countries that include France, Germany and Afghanistan. We are confident that the Turkish buyer of our latest export will be very pleased when he receives it shortly.

We have happy customers in France, Germany, Afghanistan, the Channel Islands and Scotland so far and we are confident that we will shortly be able to include a happy owner from Turkey when his Kawasaki Z1A arrives very shortly.

We are happy to arrange delivery throughout the UK and we regularly arrange deliveries around Europe. This latest shipment required a pallet to make the journey more cost effective and we sourced an old school motorcycle pallet that is just as proper as our bikes. Modern pallets are motorcycle specific and involve specially moulded polystyrene blocks to hold everything secure and rigid. They are designed to be disposed of once used but this crate that is so strong that Yamaha used to stack them ten high and re-use them year after year.

We replaced the original ratchet straps for peace of mind and have wrapped it keep the bike dry and clean on its journey.