​​Adventure Motorcycling

​​​Motorcycle adventurer, Chris Scott, paid a visit to Proper Bikes and it was a pleasure to talk bikes and travel to the outstanding authority on the subject. Chris has written countless books including the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook.

He is most comfortable on a bike in the heat and dust of the Sahara desert however and on that subject he is the Guru.

His many publications have become traveller bibles and none more so than the information packed Adventure Motorcycling Handbook. Chris has just visited us for a chat about old bikes and a bit of travel as casual research for his next book, Adventures in Motorcycling. 

It is predominently a biography of Chris' extraordinary life as a motorcycle despatch rider and, having had many more motorcycles than he had birthdays by the end of the eighties, there are tales to tell.

We look forward to reading the book and will announce it here when published.