​​The Joy Of Six

​​​We are pleased to have examples of all three pioneering six cylinder motorcycles from the decade safely in the collection. Despite sharing an outrageous engine configuration they are very different machines.

The Benelli 750 Sei - introduced in 1974 as the first production six cylinder motorcycle in the world.

Air cooled, single overhead cam, triple carbs and, as expected from the Italians, an exhaust note to die for from the six individual pipes. Very exotic in 1974.

The Honda CBX1000Z - introduced in 1979 as the flagship of the range.

Air cooled, twin cam, six carbs and endless silky smooth power and torque from an imposing motor which dominated an already large machine. The height of motorcycle sophistication in the 70's.

The Kawasaki Z1300 - introduced soon after the Honda and becoming the most powerful motorcycle in the world.

Liquid cooled, twin cam, triple twin choke carbs and shaft drive. Despite exhaustive engineering to create a relatively light and compact motor the machine is monumental. The height of excess.