About Proper Bikes

Proper Bikes is run by Paul Brace, a life-long bike enthusiast with a background in professional engineering and restoration, including the design and construction of the Eagle E-Type Speedster.

Paul is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast who has always been involved with motorbikes since his youth.

He is a Director of Eagle and the professional engineer and restoration expert behind the very best Jaguar E-Types in the world - the Eagle E-Type.  It was voted Jeremy Clarkson's 'Car of the Century' in 2000. He's also the designer & creator of the Eagle Speedster which again has found huge favour - see eaglegb.com - and very recently developed and produced the Low Drag GT. 

Paul is a part-time camera man and professional driver for The Endurance Rally Association, filming adventure rallies through more than 100 different countries and events including the famous Peking to Paris, London to Cape Town, London to Sydney, Around the World, Classic Safari and  World Cup events. He's also an occasional race and rally driver with success that includes winning outright the 2005 FIA Historic Acropolis Rally.

In 2013 he claimed a new world record for the fastest drive ever between Cape Town and London with International Rally Organiser, the late Philip Young. The challenge created even more impact because they used an 875cc two cylinder Fiat Panda when previous records where achieved in big 4x4's.

Are these bikes for sale ?

Occasionally.  This is Paul's own living collection and he would love to keep them all, but it's not practical to do so. He really enjoys hunting the best ones down whether they are 'time warp' originals or 'compromise-free' restorations, so some occasionally make way for the latest discoveries.  These machines not only represent a whole lot of fun, nostalgia and enjoyment but also make very sound financial investments.