​​Seventies Heaven

​​​John Naish rides eight of our Japanese superbikes and tells his thoughts alongside of those of Paul Brace in this months Classic Bike Magazine - inevitably there are some disagreements in the eight page cover feature.

A wide spread of bikes are ridden from the first modern superbike, the Honda CB750 to the most sophisticated machine of the decade, the Honda CBX1000Z.

It is hard to imagine that the CB750 and Kawasaki H2 shared the same decade as the CBX or indeed the Suzuki GS1000 which John Naish believes to be the first Universal Japanese Machine and accredits this to the GS being currently under valued despite being a far better all round machine than the Kawasaki Z1.

The feature is accompanied by a stack of stunning photographs taken by Gary Freeman.

The feature was written in conjunction with making a short film about the same with Jack Zeniewski which can be seen here. the film ends with John attempting a wheelie on the PB Raleigh Chopper which ends in tears and deserved humiliation.