​​Teenage Kicks

​​​All three teenage tearaways; Yamaha RD250, Suzuki GT250 and the Kawasaki KH250. The class of 1973

There is a good chance that, being on this website, you have memories of big new horizons being opened up on your 16th birthday when you got up extra early to get out on your moped.

It was a great feeling of independence and maturity but those feelings were dwarfed a year later when it was then possible to finally get out legally on a 250 and it was time to let the good times roll. The doors of the world were wrenched wide open at 17 and the 250's gave proper independence that mopeds only teased with. The chances are your bike was either a Yamaha RD, Suzuki GT or Kawasakis KH and we have assembled all of them from 1973.

We made a short film with these bikes that you can see here.