​H2 - The Common Denominator

​​​We are not completely lost in the past here at Proper Bikes and we do like to keep our finger on the pulse so we made the most of an opportunity to ride Andy Jenkinsons very special carbon fibre 2015 Kawasaki H2 alongside our own H2B from 1974.

As far as we can see there is very little family resemblance and no aesthetic or engineering links. The handling bears no connection either - the new H2 is stable and reassuring!

Apart from the names, acceleration is the only common denominator we could find. Back in 1972 the H2 was the fastest accelerating production motorcycle manufactured and caused a worldwide stir. 43 years later and the new H2 did the same again. The shove from the supercharged motor is frankly shocking and literally blurs the senses. It is unimaginable to think about riding one of these machines hard through curves and even beginning to exploit the ferocious power.

Presumably thanks to the supercharger, the power starts from the bottom, hits hard and simply doesn't stop. Using the quick shifter on Andy's bike you can pin the throttle, hold tight and tap up through the gears seamlessly. We did and in a matter of seconds ran out of gears, road and bottle.

It is an insane creation and should surely keep the H2 legend well and truly alive for some time to come.