​​A Million Views And Counting

​​​Proper Bikes classic motorcycle film exceeds a million YouTube views

The Story of Seventies Superbikes features a selection of the bikes we had in the shed at the time and which represented the Japanese Superbikes of the decade as best as we could.

Our friend Jack Zeniewski made the film and John Naish from Classic Bike Magazine came over to ride and present the chosen bikes. The resultant film has collected a healthy number of views since being published and we really are surprised and delighted that it has now topped an incredible million views. 

We are still making short motorcycle films whenever we get the chance and they can be seen on our Short Films page here. To go straight to The Story of Seventies Supebikes just click on the screen grab below and be sure to watch through to the outake at the end where you will see John struggling to handle the final machine.

As soon as the sun starts shining we will crack on with the next film which will be about the giant killing Yamaha RD350LC and it will also feature its predecessor, the fabulous air cooled RD400.