​Kawasaki Z1A 1974

​​40 years ago the Kawasaki Z1 ruled the roads. There have been big advances in motorcycle dynamics during that time but this modified 'Zed' retains all of the original charisma with performance that is bang up to date.
  • Wiseco 1045cc conversion

    34mm Flat Slide Mikuni's

    PMC 4 -1 exhaust system

    Ohlins suspension

    Multi piston alloy calipers

    Gusseted frame

    Wide custom alloy rims

  • Ex-collection

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Restored and modified, this 1974 Kawasaki Z1A is a eye catching sight - and it rides even better than it looks. The restoration was conducted compromise free and utilised the best techniques and material available in conjunction with all the upgrade work.

Every element of the machine was studied and then upgraded wherever a worthwhile improvement could be made. During the process various visual alterations where also made to caricature the classic Z1 styling cues and exaggerate the elements that make a Zed a Zed. They include kicking up the tail and the instruments and raking the rear dampers forwards etc.

This is the same philosophy that Paul applied to create the Eagle Speedster and this Kawasaki can legitimately be consider the motorcycle equivalent of the now famous 'Top Gear' car - which is a concentrated and highly enhanced version of the most classic of classic cars - the Jaguar E-Type.

Unnecessary frame brackets and clutter was removed from the frame at the same time that it was braced and gusseted - a key modification to making this bike handle beautifully. The best suspension was fitted along with custom made aluminium rims that are as wide as can be fitted between the standard forks and the period aluminium box section swinging arm.

Improvements continued throughout every stage of the project and they can be seen in more detail here on our restoration pages.

A short film showing the bike in action and brief details of the build can be seen here.

The full story, including a road test, can be read about in the June 2013 issue of Classic Bike Magazine.  It has also been featured in several calendars.