​Laverda Jota 180 1979

​​When introduced in 1976 this was the best sports motorcycle money could buy. Reaching speeds of more than 140 mph it was the fastest production motorcycle to date and has become the legendary motorcycle of the 1970's.
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The Jota made a big impression in 1976 when introduced producing 90 hp and reaching speeds of more than 140 mph. It was the fastest production motorcycle to date.

The Italian made Laverda 3CL 1000cc 3 cylinder model ran from 1976 through to 1982 and the Jota was a special higher performance version of the 3CL created by the UK based Slater Brothers. They had high lift camshafts, high compression pistons and less restrictive exhausts and the name was taken from a Spanish dance in triple time.

When introduced in 1976 this was the best sports motorcycle money could buy. It was heavy, brutal and considered too much for many - but this served to reinforce its reputation and appeal as an outright macho machine.

The original triple cylinder engines used a 180-degree crankpin layout so that the two outer pistons moved in unison, a stroke away from the opposing middle piston. This produces plenty of power but more vibration so from 1982 the crankshaft was re-jigged with the cranks balanced at equal intervals on 360-degrees to create the 120 Jota. It was notably smoother but has become less favoured over time.

This genuine Jota 180 is undergoing a compromise free restoration by Proper Bikes and will be offered as one of the best available when work is complete. Consultation with original creator, Richard Slater, is ensuring that total accuracy is assured.