​Yamaha RD400DX 1977

​​The 400 topped Yamaha’s RD range and well and truly earned its legend of being a giant killer. They were fast, furious and it was no wonder they were the dominant tool for production racing.
Agile light and nimble the Yamaha RD’s were simply the best bikes in their class. With twin 28 mm Mikuni’s, 40 bhp, six gears and light weight they became a giant killer.

They stood out amongst everything, and were way above the others in class, thanks to a catalogue of attributes including light weight, torquey but sweet revving engines, great ergonomics, supreme handling, powerful brakes etc. and they are qualities that still stand up to scrutiny today. 

It's stablemate, the RD250 was the most lusted after learner bike available in its day. Modern in appearance and riding experienceand the 400 was in another league again.

Its predecessor, the RD350, was an all round champion and the 400 was not just a bit more of the same but a fresh technical redesign, making the very best even better, with the addition of super sharp styling and they led sports bikes out of the decade in very distinctive style. Class leading features included cast alloy wheels and rubber mounted engine and, as a D model, the nifty tailpiece. The result paved the way very nicely for the RD350LC which maintained Yamaha’s ability to lead the class.

They are now an essential part of any seventies bike collection but also make for an intelligent and fulfilling choice as an ‘only classic’

This one is a testament to how well finished and durable they are. It is very original and completely unrestored. It is very rare for this nature of motorcycle to be so well preserved and it must have always been very well looked after indeed. It is matching numbers with very low owners and was imported from Austria in 2016 retaining it original log book with full record of owners. Both keys are present as are the tools.

The original paintwork is still very respectable, along with everything else, and only modest signs of its age are scattered around the bike. It is an immense amount of fun to ride with its addictive crisp and snappy throttle response and slick gearbox and still very quick at covering ground. The light and agile feel is somewhat of a revelation when compared to the usual seventies superbikes.

This bike is now conveniently UK tax and MOT exempt.