​Yamaha XS1100 1978

​​A beast of a motorcycle and with the largest capacity and power output of any production bike manufactured at the time meant that nobody could then deny that Yamaha offered a true superbike in their line-up.
  • 4,028 miles from new

    Just 2 long term owners


    Original and standard

    Exceptional condition

    Original UK supplied

    Good history file

  • £6,950

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Yamahas XS750 had already been out for a couple of years when this 1100cc monster was unveiled in 1978. It has four in-line cylinders, double overhead camshafts, cast wheels, shaft drive, 1100cc and with just shy of 100bhp so could reach speeds of over 130mph.

It had the largest capacity and was the most powerful production motorcycle that money could buy in the day.

Superbike summed it up very nicely in 1978;

"It's a big, powerful tourer, and well nigh impossible to stretch to anywhere near any kind of limit on the straight. the massive engine wasn't under any strain at any time. The rider meets the limitations of the road long before any kind of performance horizon comes into sight. Power floods in effortlessly all the way across the wide, meaty power band Supremely comfortable, the 1100 is the highway cruiser par excellence. From the moment one steps on board the impression is of bullet proof muscle. This is reinforced by the sheer sound of the engine."

Superbike -1978

This is an utterly exceptional original UK supplied example from the launch year. It is un-restored and has had just 2 long term owners covering a total of only 4,028 miles from new.

With so much smooth power and torque available it is a true pleasure to ride and, being so rare in this great condition, tremendously collectable. Gez Kane from Classic Bike Magazine rode this bike and has written about it in the October 2018 issue accompanied by fabulous photos by Simon Lee.

You can also see this bike in action in a short film about the XS1100 here.

This bike is now conveniently UK tax and MOT exempt.