​Kawasaki Z1A 1974

​​The Z1 was the fastest motorcycle of its day and the Z1A was the second evolution. The only differences were the paintwork and minor technical modifications. Z1s' are the pinnacle of collectable Japanese motorcycles.
  • Original UK  supplied

    Completely standard

    Highly original

    Unrestored and superb

    Tools and handbook

    Kawasaki exhaust system

    A true gem

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The Z1 was produced from 1972 to 1977 and the double overhead cam engine was the most powerful production engine made when introduced. It soon became widely referred to as 'The King' and it positively ruled the roads.

It was the fastest motorcycle of its day and this, the Z1A, was the second evolution which differed to the original Z1 only by paintwork and some minor technical improvements.

The Kawasaki 900 fours where groundbreaking, very stylish and had similar general impact when launched to that of the Jaguar E-Type the decade before - they were sensational. They were introduced with plenty of power and flair but frame advances were a little behind those of the engine. This however, did not stop the Z1 winning the prestigious Australian six-hour production race and the Le Mans 1000km.

It remained the fastest, meanest motorcycle right through to its final evolution, the Z900, in 1976. 

This is an original UK supplied example that has clearly been extremely well looked after throughout its life. It remains in completely standard specification and is in sensational condition considering it has never needed or been subject to restoration. Impressively the exhaust system is also original Kawasaki.

The original handbook and toolkit are also present and correct. It has modest mileage and runs beautifully - it is a real joy to own and use and now benefits from zero road tax.