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In a sea of four cylinder Japanese superbikes Yamaha's XS750 stood out from the crowd with its three cylinder four stroke motor and shaft drive.

The XS750 had plenty of torque, plenty of power and a very nice and distinctive exhaust note. Specification included double overhead camshafts, triple disc brakes and cast wheels. 

Yamaha XS750 for sale from Paul Brace Proper Bikes UK

At launch it was a well loved bike and won awards including 'Machine of the Year'.

"It's the best Japanese bike I've ever ridden"  Mike Nicks (Bike Magazine, 1977)

The example is surely the best in existence. It is the 2D model, the first imported to the UK, and remains in completely standard and original condition except for its recent tyres and gel battery. It has covered a mere 10,739 miles from new and had only four owners. The condition is still that of a one year old machine and the history file is bulging with everything from its original handbooks and brochures to service bulletins, parts books an many magazines and hardback motorcycle books that have featured this very machine. It even comes with an XS750 fleece, hat and lapel badge. 

The outstanding condition is nicely exemplified by the  condition of its original exhaust system which is still gleaming even underneath. This bike has certainly never been left outside overnight.

It was supplied new by Jack Lilley of Shepperton and the original dealer plaque remains on the side panel as does the mudguard sticker and it’s supplying dealer number plate. It has had only four owners from new and each have clearly cherished it.

As well as looking stunning it is an exciting and capable machine to ride with a fabulous sound, good handling and plenty of performance. The history file is fascinating and includes a vast amount of XS750 paraphernalia, some of which is shown below, and the book and magazine features feature this actual XS750 which likely makes it the most important example of the model. 

What is the original XS750 like compared to its modern counterpart the XSR900? Well, nothing like it at all. The old one is oozing with character and you can read a few other differences here




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