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The RD350LC. Fast enough to get you into trouble. Safe enough to keep you out of it.  Yamaha Corporation 1980

Yamaha started producing the new  liquid cooled two cylinder RD's from 1980 when many considered the two stroke to be dying. They actually started a fresh and successful era that continued to evolve for another decade and a half through many model variations beyond this first and purest form.

Stunning Yamaha RD350LC for sale by Proper Bikes UK. One owner and low mileage - never been restored.

The LC's were light, fast and had good braking with rock solid handling that put them in an entirely different league to the performance machinery before them. These were the ingredients that earned them the giant killing reputation - and made them a whole lot of fun.

In comparison to the air cooled two strokes these liquid cooled evolutions had better temperature control and so suffered less spark plug failures and became more reliable in general. The lack of cooling fins and the addition of the coolant jacket made them produce less general mechanical racket as well.

They forged a huge worldwide following becoming a true motorcycle legend and an important machine that will remain notable through the rest of motorcycle history.

The LC can be credited to starting the racing careers of Terry Rymer, Alan Carter, Rob McElnea and Niall Mackenzie who, along with James Whitham, have RD350LC's in their garages today.

Stunning Yamaha RD350LC for sale by Proper Bikes UK. One owner and low mileage - never been restored.

This example is a very special one-owner from new bike in superb un-restored condition.

Specification remains standard, including its rare 3 stripe Candy Blue colour option, and the original exhausts are still fitted and remarkably in excellent unpainted and un-dented condition.

It originated from Germany so has the all important 4LO engine and, as a late ’82 model, has the improved 4LO–01 carburettors and the factory engine tie rod improvement.

All the locks remain matching originals, including the offset lock fuel cap, and the spare key is present. The original bill of sale is still in the history file all paperwork, including the recent import paperwork, is in the same persons name authenticating it as having just one owner fin its 34 year life. It has been expertly recommissioned and refreshed for use. An mph speedo face has been fitted but the mileage reading of 23,696 is still in kilometres so equates to 14,724 miles. The parts used in the recommissioning program were original Yamaha new old stock.

It is extremely difficult to find nice un-restored Yamaha LC's and, as a one owner and low mileage example, this is a very special motorcycle.

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