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The GT750 pioneered the world's first production manufactured liquid cooled engine which had three cylinders and generated ample turbine-like smooth power and enormous torque.

Its ability as a very good long distance touring motorcycle lived up to its 'GT' designation and it had a completely different character to Kawasaki's H2 750 triple which had a raw and aggressive reputation.

Restored Suzuki GT750 for sale. Probably the best available

The exhaust sound is highly distinctive, completely unique and universally loved. They also had powerful braking provided by twin front discs.

The later GT750's had a number of particularly useful and nice touches including an easy to read gear indicator and a reassuring temperature gauge. This is the second to last evolution of the model, the GT750A, and benefits from a range of evolutionary improvements over the proceeding five variants.

This is an absolutely stunning example that is a true joy to own and ride. No expense has been spared on the work and genuine Suzuki parts have been methodically used when replacement was absolutely necessary.

It has a comprehensive history that includes every detail of the restoration and the file suggests that it had covered under 10,000 miles before the work. It was a very nice starting point and, as always, the best ‘donor’ bikes make for the very best result and this is an exceptional GT750 - in fact without doubt the nicest GT750 we have ever seen and ridden.

Apart from the stainless steel engine protection bars it remains standard and the bars can be removed if preferred of course. The spare key and tools are both present.

This is an absolute beauty and a treat to ride.

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