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Introduced in 1976 the GS750 had a smooth powerful in-line 4 cylinder engine with double overhead camshafts, 5  gears, and very effective disc brakes front and rear. The four stroke engine was the beginning of a new era for the previously 'two-stroke only' Suzuki corporation and the rock solid handling of the entire GS range was the beginning of a new era for Japanese motorcycles in general.

Even after the GS1000 was introduced a year after the 750 most experts favoured the original smaller machine as their preferred package. They had more than enough power and a rock solid yet nimble frame. 

Suzuki GS750 for sale in best condition possible from Proper Bikes UK

It had neat and advanced styling and useful standard features such as the gear indicator. Suzuki's  intention of undertaking high quality engineering for the GS range is indicated by the use of roller bearings in the swinging arm instead of the more usual plain bushes. The brakes were exemplary and even those with single front disc had plenty of stopping power and certainly more than the competition.

The frames and suspension provided excellent handling throughout the entire GS range and the engines have proved themselves to be powerful and extremely durable. Despite being 750cc they were actually the fastest Japanese motorcycle available in 1976.

This example is surely the best original GS750 in existence. 

It is unrestored, has covered just 7,816 miles and the condition is not far off new. It is highly unlikely that this bike has ever been out in wet weather at any point during it's 40 year life and it must have been very well stored in a climate controlled environment throughout its entire life to have preserved it this well. As you would expect, it also rides like a new motorcycle and these GS750's really are a pleasure and very capable machines.

In this condition it is surely unique.

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