Proper Bikes short films

The story of the Kawasaki Z1 and Honda CB750

Paul Brace discusses the Two Stroke Tearaways; RD250, KH250 and the GT250

John Naish from Classic Bike magazine rides a selection from the Proper Bikes collection and tells us what he thinks

'Talking to Paul Brace' was made by Jack Zeniewski and features Paul in the bike shed explaining what Proper Bikes is about. 

'Real not retro' features some on-road action and narration about pauls Kawasaki 900 special with a great  Jimi Hendrix soundtrack!

'Superbikes of the Seventies'  features the set of four definitive classics in action with some equally definitive period music. The 'set' includes the Honda CBX, Kawasaki Z1A, Suzuki GT750 and the Kawasaki H2.

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