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As manageable as the space needed to keep one and easy to maintain, a 1970's superbike is a wise choice whether for pure riding pleasure or as a sensible investment - or both.

  • Suzuki GT750 for sale in stunning restored condition from Proper Bikes UK

    Suzuki GT750A 1976

    The GT750 was Suzuki's flagship model and it was the last and greatest two-stroke motorcycle they created. Motorcycle journalists commonly described the GT750 as 'awesome'.

  • 1971 Honda CB750 K1 for sale in fully restored condition from Proper Bikes UK

    Honda CB750 K1 1970

    The Dream CB750 Four was truly a monumental landmark in the history of motorcycles and its launch in 1969 caused Kawasaki to delay the launch of their own Superbike and return to the drawing board to think again.

  • Yamaha RD350LC unrestored, original and superb for sale from Proper Bikes in the UK

    Yamaha RD350LC 1982

    The giant killing legend of the eighties. Compact and nimble, these are the machines that every young motorcyclist of the era dreamt of owning. Even today they are a hugely exciting and very capable machines - an absolute joy to own & ride.

  • Stunning lightly restored Kawasaki Z1 900 for sale from Proper Bikes

    Kawasaki Z1 900 1973

    The Z1 was introduced in 1972 and the four cylinder double overhead cam engine was the most powerful production motorcycle engine made . It soon became widely referred to as 'The King' and it positively ruled the roads.

  • One owner low mileage Kawasaki Z1 Z900 Z1A for sale from Paul Brace at Proper Bikes classic bikes sales UK

    Kawasaki Z1A 1974

    The Japanese muscle bike icon of the Seventies. Kawasakis' Z1 summed up the spirit of Seventies super biking. It burst on to the scene in 1972 dominating the decade with performance that put it way ahead of the opposition. 

  • Kawasaki Z1A 1974 for sale in superb un-restored and original condition from Paul Brace Proper Bikes

    Kawasaki Z1A 1974

    The Z1 was the fastest motorcycle of its day and the Z1A was the second evolution. The only differences were the paintwork and minor technical modifications. Z1s' are the pinnacle of collectable Japanese motorcycles.

  • Suzuki GS750 for sale in UK in stunning un-restored and exceptional condition from Proper Bikes

    Suzuki GS750 1978

    A stylish all round motorcycle with the best handling of the era and ample power. The super smooth four cylinder twin cam engine has developed a reputation of being bomb proof.  Without doubt the most usable seventies classic.

  • Kawasaki H2C 750 triple for sale from Paul Brace Proper Bikes UK

    Kawasaki H2C 750 1975

    The outrageous H2 survived four years of production and modest changes were made each year culminating in this, the H2C. Thankfully Kawasaki made no concessions to the machines reputation as an irresponsible street hooligan.

  • Yamaha XS1100 1978 for sale in superb un-restored condition and with just 4028 miles from new. Proper Bikes UK

    Yamaha XS1100 1978

    A beast of a motorcycle and with the largest capacity and power output of any production bike manufactured at the time meant that nobody could then deny that Yamaha offered a true superbike in their line-up.

  • Yamaha XS750 1977 for sale. Incredible original condition with low mileage and superb history . Proper Bikes UK

    Yamaha XS750 1977

    A very usable triple cylinder sports bike. Introduced in 1976 it improved each year until 1981 when it finished its production run as an 850. Standard specification included triple disc brakes, cast wheels and CV carburettors.

  • Original unrestored Yamaha RD400 for sale in UK from Proper Bikes

    Yamaha RD400DX 1977

    The 400 topped Yamaha’s RD range and well and truly earned its legend of being a giant killer. They were fast, furious and it was no wonder they were the dominant tool for production racing. 

  • 1974 Kawasaki H2B 750 in the best possible un-restored condition with just 10,000 miles from new. For sale from Proper Bikes UK

    Kawasaki H2B 750 1974

    Kawasaki's third evolution of the legend, the H2B, maintained all the charisma and thrills of the original but the package was tidied up nicely with tighter handling courtesy of a longer wheelbase and revised geometry.

  • One owner, low mileage, un-restored Yamaha RD350LC for sale

    Yamaha RD350LC 1982

    Maybe not superbikes in terms of mass but certainly superbikes in terms of capability. The LC Yamahas are milestone machines that took us out of the seventies and storming into a new era. They became known as giant killers for good reason.

  • Standard original lo mileage Ducati 996S for sale in UK from Proper Bikes

    Ducati 996S 2001

    Not from the seventies but an achingly beautiful and collectable motorcycling milestone all the same. It is not just a pretty face either as its race record of three consecutive World Superbike Championships titles confirms.

  • Bond Bug 700ES for sale 1972, fully restored and superb from Proper Bikes in the UK

    Bond Bug 700ES 1972

    An iconic seventies collectable. Designed and built particularly for the younger motorists. Super fun and now super rare it is estimated that just 200 are currently left on the road. They raise a smile on the drivers face - and everybody elses.

  • Suzuki GS740 1977 for sale best in UK, mint condition. Proper Bikes

    Suzuki GS750 1977

    The four-stroke GS750 was a substantial technical advance over the outgoing range of two-strokes that Suzuki were famed for. Despite being 'just' 750cc they were the fastest Japanese motorcycle available in 1976. The GSs' are a most usable classic.

  • Laverda Jota 180 restored to the very highest standard. Certified by Richard Slater as one of his genuine UK bikes.

    Laverda Jota 180 1979

    When introduced in 1976 this was the best sports motorcycle money could buy. Reaching speeds of more than 140 mph it was the fastest production motorcycle to date and has become  the legendary motorcycle of the 1970's. 

  • Kawasaki Z1A special. A restored and upgraded Z1900 created by Paul Brace of Proper bikes. he is the designer of the Eagle Speedster.

    Kawasaki Z1A 1974

    40 years ago the Kawasaki Z1 ruled the roads. There have been big advances in motorcycle dynamics during that time but this modified 'Zed' retains all of the original charisma with performance that is bang up to date.

  • Honda CBX1000Z mint, low mileage, original and unrestored for sale in the UK from Proper Bikes

    Honda CBX 1000Z 1980

    The six cylinder, 1047cc, 24 valve engine delivered 105 BHP and the bike itself handled the enormous power superbly with stable handling and fantastic brakes. It could reach 140mph which was sensational by standards of the day.

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