Laverda jota 180 restoration

Proper Bikes 2013 winter project is an accurately detailed and precise restoration of this original UK Jota. When introduced in 1976 this was the best sports motorcycle money could buy. Reaching speeds of more than 140 mph it was the fastest production motorcycle to date and has now established itself as the most legendary motorcycle of the 1970's. 

Richard Slater, creator of the Jota legend on behalf of the factory, has personally certified its authenticity. He has also kindly provided all the original details & specification from when he delivered it new allowing us to accurately return it to exact factory specification. Richard is also providing all the replacement parts required during the process. This will further ensure accuracy and support the high standard we wish to maintain.

Laverda Jota 180 for restoration. This is a genuine UK bike and will be restored to the highest standard by Proper Bikes.

This was one of the first silver framed machines with orange paintwork - the most visually powerful and definitive Jota combination. They were a very expensive motorcycle when new and final specification was bespoke to each owner. The specifics will also be maintained for the sake of authenticity and appeal as a valued collectors motorcycle. One such original detail is that, as one of the earlier Jota's, they had not introduced 'rear-set' foot rests but they are easily added later if so desired.

Original factory colour scheme.

The project is being documented on our restoration page and photographs and notes will be posted regularly throughout the process.

The current condition is good as a restoration starting point but it has undergone a small number of changes over the years. These include the cafe racer seat unit and the non standard front mudguard. It has retained its very rare and valuable original rear suspension units and its original matching wide spoke wheels along with other important components.

The brightwork is very good and undamaged and will undergo high quality re-chroming. The frame will be powder coated in authentic silver and the paintwork finished to the highest standard and in the exact factory shade - courtesy of Richard Slater.

The engine runs beautifully now but will still be thoroughly checked and tested and any work required will be undertaken.


This will be a very special classic motorcycle and an outstanding example of a Laverda legendary Jota 180.

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