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The Z1 was the fastest motorcycle of its day and the Z1A was the second evolution. The only differences were the paintwork and minor technical modifications. Z1s' are the pinnacle of collectable Japanese motorcycles.

As the Japanese muscle bike icon of the Seventies they have become increasingly collectable and are now the pride of many collections.

Kawasaki Z1A 1974 in excellent un-restored original condition for sale in UK from Proper Bikes

As time passes the Z1's become more and more appealing and to see one out on the road is not only a rare sight but provides a moment of excitement.

They provide a real sense of occasion on every ride out and, even in todays world of 200bhp superbikes, they have more than enough grunt to provide excitement too.

This 1974 Z1A has come to the UK from an Italian museum and so has understandably been preserved in extremely good condition. It shows a mileage of just 16,616 km (10,262 miles), which is entirely believable, and it certainly rides well enough to confirm.

It is entirely standard and unmolested with all its original parts excepting the exhaust which has been replaced with an original Kawasaki system.

It retains its Italian logbook but is fully registered in the UK and the original owners handbook is also present.

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