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The Japanese muscle bike icon of the Seventies. 

Kawasakis' Z1 summed up the spirit of Seventies super biking. It burst on to the scene in 1972 dominating the decade with performance that put it way ahead of the opposition. 

Stunning lightly restored Kawasaki Z1 900 for sale from Proper Bikes

The Kawasaki 900 fours where groundbreaking, very stylish and in the had similar general impact when launched to that of the Jaguar E-Type - they were sensational.

It remained the fastest, meanest motorcycle right through to its final evolution, the Z900, in 1976. This is the first and most collectable model - The Z1.

It is a nice original example that has only required sympathetic restoration to become this stunning and pristine machine. It is sharp in every detail and from every angle including the perfect black engine cases. 

A comprehensive service, including tappet clearances, was recently undertaken and it rides beautifully. The engine is crisp, lively and pulls smoothly and very strongly.

This ultimate collectable classic bike not only represents the soundest of investments but is an absolute pleasure to own and use.

It is now included in the new classic vehicle tax exemption which has been extended to include vehicles from 1973.

It is featured prominently on the cover of Classic Bike Magazine and tested within. It is also ridden and discussed in the film; The Story of Seventies Superbikes and The Story of the Kawasaki Z1 and Honda CB750.

Stunning Kawasaki Z! for sale in mint condition

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