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"Comparisons? The 1300's unique, it's in a class of its own and will probably remain so forever."             

Superbike magazine 1979

An imposing machine with a six cylinder, double overhead cam, liquid cooled motor producing 120 silky smooth horsepower fed shaft-drive to the road.

Kawasaki Z1300 for sale from Proper Bikes Classic Motorcycles in UK

Despite the intimidating statistics of every element of the machine it is packaged superbly and provides a comfortable, well mannered and, in actual fact, docile riding experiences that can whoosh the rider to its top speed of just under 140mph with confident urgency and no unnecessary drama.

The frame is enormous and the chunky suspension air assisted with 41mm forks. Twin piston brake callipers operate on a pair of 260mm discs at the front. In fact everything on the bike was oversized and beefy and, as a machine that was excessive in every respect including the price, the sales numbers stayed low despite an eight year production span. As such, by comparison to other Japanese super bikes of the era it is today a rare beast indeed to see on the road.

When launched however it caused controversy and road testers often stated "outrageous" and "overkill" when making reference and Superbike magazine said of the Z1300 in October 1979;

"Will there ever be another motorcycle like the Z1300? Will another manufacturer ever have the audacity to let such an outrageous machine escape from the drawing board and onto the streets? Will ordinary bikers ever again have the chance of discovering at first hand what it feels like to have 120 horses champing at the bit? I doubt it. Given the current oil-starved state of the world it's a fair bet that to the big K goes the honour of having the final word on the subject of hyper biking.

As an exercise in corporate one-upmanship it's a dazzling success, which isn't altogether surprising considering that this is its true raison d'être. What is surprising is that lurking under the tinsel and technology, and almost secondary to this central purpose, is a surprisingly good heavyweight touring bike.

Comparisons? The 1300's unique, it's in a class of its own and will probably remain so forever."

This Z1300 is from the inaugural year and has covered a mileage of just 31,167 which, by it's nature, is very modest indeed.

It is in exceptional original and unrestored condition and remains in standard specification including the rear dampers and exhaust system which are great rarities.

It has clearly been very well maintained throughout it's entire life but has just benefitted from a full service and an extensive engine refreshment by a Kawasaki Main Dealer. 

The Kawasaki Z1300 is set to become an increasingly collectable and desirable classic motorcycle and values are sure to greatly increase accordingly. 

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