Out with the old, in with the new

They were motorcycle Grand Prix world champions for the second consecutive year, they were fazing out the two strokes for which they were so famous, and finding their feet with a four stroke superbike seemingly alien to the brand - 1977 was a notable year for Suzuki.

Proper Bikes two 1977 Suzuki superbikes, the GT750 and GS750

These two 1977 Suzukis are from the Proper Bikes collection and very neatly represent an important transformation for Suzuki motorcycles. 

The GT750B is the last of the charismatic liquid cooled two-stroke triples and marked the end of a great era. This one is un-restored and has covered only 13,000 miles from new by just one owner from new.

The GS750 is also un-restored and in remarkable condition. The model marks the introduction of four stroke superbikes into the Suzuki range and the engineers immediately  hit the nail firmly on the head. The GTs had evolved over five years into very capable touring machines with good handling, power and brakes but the entirely new GS surpassed all that development straight out of the box and a bullet proof legend was born. 

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