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40 years ago the 'Goldwing' started life very differently to the gargantuan touring extravaganza it became.

Despite always having being a substantial machine with enormous capabilities, the original model had the typical Honda lightness to its controls, an exceptionally low centre of gravity and clever engineering that resulted in agility and ease of use betraying its appearance.

Honda Goldwing GL100 for sale in UK. Mint and unrestored

Manufactured from 1974 to 1979 in its simplest and purest one litre format it had four liquid cooled and horizontally opposed cylinders producing ample power which was transmitted to the rear wheel via a maintenance free shaft drive. The engine was renowned for being powerful, silky smooth, super quiet and highly capable of covering big mileages reliably and effortlessly.

It incorporated many revolutionary and interesting features such as its dummy fuel tank housing the coolant header tank, electrical components, emergency kick start lever and a very useful glove box. The actual fuel tank was located beneath the seat helping to keep the centre of gravity low. A counter rotating alternator reduced the crankshaft torque reaction which would normally be felt through the frame when blipping the throttle on a longitudinally crank shafted motorcycle.

Despite being perceived as just a supreme touring machine, the less commonly known fact is that it was fast - in actual fact, the second hardest accelerating production bike in the entire world behind the mighty Kawasaki Z1.

Testament to just how good a motorcycle the Goldwing was is that it appeared 18 times in the Cycle World list of top ten bikes. Back in April 1975 they had this to say about it; "We don't know exactly how much the GL1000 is going to cost, but however much it turns out to be, it'll be a bargain in terms of utter engine smoothness and quietness, in terms of the quality of engineering and new-wave thinking that has gone into it, in terms of surprisingly agile handling performance and shattering stopping and accelerating performance. Here is a tourer, unblurred and brilliantly focused for those who want nothing to intrude on their feeling of the road and want to intrude on no one else as they enjoy it."

I have waited patiently to acquire this 1977 K2 example because it is surely the best GL1000 in existence. The previous owner, its second ever, promised me first refusal some time ago if ever he were to let it go and I am delighted he kept his word. He has cherished and fastidiously maintained it for half its life - and he was expertly qualified to do so.

It has covered a mere 5,382 miles from new which is fully supported by it's history. It has never been restored, remains exactly as it left the factory, and is in the best condition imaginable. The exhaust is perfect and so is the original complete toolkit. The handbook remains in it plastic wallet, it has three keys and great history which includes a lovely magazine feature on it.

As you would expect, it runs just as it should and is a joy to ride. I firmly believe it could be unique in this condition.

A perfect unrestored Honda GL1000 Goldwing for sale UK, Proper Bikes

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