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Smooth, fast and civilised. The CB900F pushes the perception of just how good and usable a 35 year old classic bike can be

From the sweet and relatively compact existing package of the DOHC CB750, Honda eased in the 900cc motor and produced a very fast and desirable motorcycle - The CB900F. 

Honda CB900F for sale in the UK. Proper Bikes Classic Motorcycles

Power was increased by 25 bhp to 95bhp and performance was on a par with pretty much anything - even the mighty CBX1000Z, the companies flagship sports bike. The advantage was not just the lower cost but a more usable and less intimidating bike - it made sense.

Despite the extra power the package remained well co-ordinated. Honda claimed it 'Race-bred' in conjunction with Ron Haslams 1979 TT Formula 1 championship win with Honda.

The 16 valve motor was not just powerful but Honda took development time to ensure it was torquey as well. They succeeded admirably and it is capable of pulling hard from just 2000rpm revs all the way through to outstanding top speed of 130mph. For an unfaired bike the top speed was more than enough - but the exagerated forward leaning position did keep the bike comfortable at speeds of 100mph which is far more than most others in the day.

Handling was sophisticated with FVQ units at the rear with 4 way damper adjustment and 5 spring preloads, and air- assisted forks with Honda TRAC system (torque reactive anti-dive control) Electronic ignition is standard, as is the oil cooler and reverse Comstar wheels.

This example is in unusually good condition and remains in standard specification except for the worthwhile period upgrade of four piston calipers from the later CB900FC. The original single piston callipers where truly disappointing.

The mileage is modest and the history shows that it has been used regularly with small mileages covered each year. The MOT's go all the way back to 1986

They are extremely difficult to find in desirable condition, not least because, unlike the 750, the DOHC CB900 was not exported to the USA until after 1981 and so remains fundamentally rare.


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