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The avant-garde styling and high performance of Honda's DOHC CB750F and 900 machines convincingly broke the mould and led the motorcycle industry into the new decade in fresh and exciting fashion.

They where an advanced machine for the time and standard specification included double overhead camshafts,16 valves, triple disc brakes, tubeless tyres and electronic ignition.

A stunning Honda CB750F from 1981 for sale in the UK from Proper Biikes

Even the standard halogen headlamp is notably bright and must have been quite a revelation in 1981.

The free revving motor produces plenty of power and breathes through 30mm Keihin CV carbs. It is a comparitively lightweight superbike with the emphasis is firmly on sports riding and it feels completely at home worked hard on a blast but is still, of course, more than capable of comfortable long distance touring. 

Each year the model benefited from improvements over the introductory '79 model and by 1981 it had beefier frame tubing, extra gusseting and bigger swing arm bearings etc making its great qualities even greater.

The 750's and 900's immediately earned a great reputation for good handling proving wrong those who doubted that in-line four cylinder motorcycles could ever be made to corner well. In 1980 Cycle Guide testers in the USA conducted a serious handling shoot out against the sweet handling benchmark of the moment, the Ducati Desmo SS. By the end of the test it was unanimously declared that the Hondas where the best and an important page had been turned.

This 750FB is a 1981 model registered '82 and is in stunning original and un-restored condition. Specification remains standard but for a period fork brace and aluminium box section swing arm which is a useful and desirable upgrade. Both enhancements are considered pretty much essential for the model.

Quite remarkably the original exhaust is still fitted and in superb condition as are the original multi adjustable FVQ dampers.

It has clearly been well looked after since new and has required the most minimal remedial work over the years to maintain its current exemplary condition. It rides perfectly.


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