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Cycle magazine called the CB750 'the most sophisticated production bike ever' upon its introduction and Cycle World called it a 'masterpiece'.

The Dream CB750 Four was truly a monumental landmark in the history of motorcycles and its launch in 1969 caused Kawasaki to delay the launch of their own Superbike and return to the drawing board to think again.

Honda CB750 K5 for sale in superb unrestored and original condition from Proper Bikes in the UK.

Whether it does qualify as the first machine to be justifiably tagged a superbike has caused much debate over the years and Vincent Black Shadow and Brough Superior fans can raise a very valid argument that it isn't. Kawasaki aficionados will also be quick to remind how fast the H1 was in its day but, however lively the 500cc engine, the H1 certainly doesn't feel like a superbike beneath you with its small and flimsy frame.

The CB750 was capable of 120 mph and had fade-free high performance revolutionary disc braking combined with comfort and excellent instrumentation. It feels solid, stable and imposing beneath the rider and the ride and performance remains impressive even today. To experience a nice CB750 is a joy.

This K5 model is completely un-restored, and has covered an extremely low 5,056 miles from. The condition is entirely remarkable and it has clearly lived a very sheltered life.

Every component is original including the Planet Blue Metallic paintwork and the exhaust system - this is a real beauty.

Despite a stout appearance and Hondas legendary solid build quality It is an extremely lithe and practical motorcycle to ride and is ideally suited to short trips as well as long journeys. It is genuinely a pleasure to own and ride.

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