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Honda created a landmark motorcycle and what is often considered the worlds first modern Superbike with the CB750. The beefy four cylinder SOHC machine was revealed in 1969 and included the first disc brake seen on a mainstream motorcycle.

Cycle magazine called the CB750 'the most sophisticated production bike ever' upon its introduction and Cycle World called it a 'masterpiece'.

1971 Honda CB750 K1 for sale in fully restored condition from Proper Bikes UK


It was capable of 120 mph and had fade-free high performance revolutionary disc braking combined with comfort and excellent instrumentation. It feels solid, stable and imposing beneath the rider and the ride and performance remains impressive even today. To experience a nice CB750 is a joy.

This is an early K1 model manufactured in 1970 and registered on the 1st of January 1971. It looks stunning in Cranberry Red and is bright and sharp throughout. It was extensively restored from an excellent 18,000 miles example and retains its original components including the exhaust system which is in exceptional condition.

The professionally rebuilt engine runs smoothly and quietly. It is a very well set-up machine including the disc brake which is surprisingly powerful. The entire machine is a pleasure to the eye, a pleasure to ride and, as an early example, is also very collectable.

The show awards remain with the bike.

It benefits from road tax exemption.

Mint condition Honda CB750 KO for sale in UK

This CB750 is also stars in the short film; The Story of the Kawasaki Z1 and Honda CB750 


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