Classic Bike magazine Feature

Freelance writer and newly appointed Classic Bike columnist, John Naish, came to the Proper Bikes collection with editor Ben Miller and photographer Rory Game.


An icy cold spring morning up on the Sussex landmark, Beachy Head, was the setting for the big triples shoot out and we were delighted to provide the two biggest Japanese triple cylinder icons to flank the stunning Triumph Trident special. Exposed to the bitter weather perched atop sheer chalk cliffs at 530 feet above sea level was worth the discomfort to allow photographer, Rory Game, to capture some lovely cornering shots. We dropped back to sea level at Pevensey Bay for the static and detail images of the three lovely machines.  

John Naish wrote the feature and he was accompanied for the photos by editor Ben Miller who bought along a very distinctive photo-shoot riding style.

Johns verdict, Rorys photos and Bens riding style can be seen in this months Classic Bike Magazine.

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