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It may not be a seventies superbike but it defines the era and the relevant flavour of the scene so completely that we are delighted to have a stunning example in the collection.

Sporty, fun and simple Bond Bugs put smiles on faces from its introduction in 1970 right through to today.

The quirky Bug evolved from 700cc to 750cc and was manufactured for just four years. It was originally available in its most basic form of the 700 and two higher spec models were introduced - the 700E and 700ES.

Fully restored Bond Bug 700ES for sale in UK.

The highest specification ES model included higher compression engine, seat bolsters, headrests and sun visors amongst a handful of other 'luxuries'. Except for a few Rothmans promotional vehicles they were all Tangerine.

Despite being a simple car with a fiberglass body on a basic chassis they were more expensive than the Austin Mini and this affected sales and kept production numbers surprisingly low.

Now, 45 years later, there is believed to be way less than half left in existence and fewer than 200 left on the road making it very rare and highly collectable.

This example has been fully restored, including a brand new chassis, and unusually retains its original 700cc engine rather than the usual 850cc Relian Robin conversion. Everything has been rebuilt and it is in the best condition that can be expected of a Bond Bug. It is quite probably amongst the very best ones existing.

It has the full ES specification and the optional extra alloy wheels. It includes removable doors and side screens which are uprated versions - a lot more sturdy than the originals.

The Proper Bikes Bond Bug has been beautifully modelled by RPM and the result can be seen here. 

It has also been featured on Silodrome, the cool lifestyle website, and can be seen here.

It is now included in the new classic vehicle tax exemption which has been extended to include vehicles from 1975.

As well as being an enormous amount of fun to own and drive it is a very sound investment.

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