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BMW have an impressive motorcycle competition history that, surprisingly to some of us, started from the very earliest days of biking history. It includes numerous world speed records, victory on the Isle of Man and, in the decade the R100RS was conceived, enormous off road success with the R80G/S which won the mighty Paris Dakar in 1981, 83, 84 and 85. It was a formidable background from which to develop their latest high speed long distance sports tourer and success was inevitable.

In 1974 the BMW R90S appeared with smoked paintwork, bikini fairing and sporty performance and just a few years later the R100RS emerged with avant-garde styling and well proven engineering - it was brilliantly effective.

1978 BMW R100RS For sale from Proper Bikes in the UK. Very low mileage and original,

It looked so dramatic, modern and stylish that it even made it onto the bedroom walls of young lads alongside posters of Z1 Kawasaki's, Ferrari Boxers and the tennis girl scratching her bum.

The big BMW's twins were all superlative tourers; light, economical and breathlessly relaxed at speed offering a standard of riding comfort by which others are judged. The fairing on the RS was designed and engineered with the aid of the Pininfarina wind tunnel in Italy. It proved to markedly raise all those previous BMW riding standards to levels way beyond anything else available. Not only that, but it looked stylish and modern and has continued to look good to this day. In addition to ultimate rider comfort and protection from the weather and wind the reduced drag improves fuel consumption to 45mpg and extends the range to 200 miles.

The fundamentals are tried and tested BMW. The flat twin air-cooled 'boxer' engine is 1000cc and super torquey and the 5-speed gearbox is slick. The front is adorned with twin drilled disc brakes and the rear a drilled disc with Brembo calliper. Controls are light and the headstock includes an adjustable steering damper. The cockpit includes a voltmeter and quartz time clock.

The build quality is legendary and, despite some cycle parts being unorthodox to those more familiar with Japanese machinery, the design and manufacturing solutions seems so effective and obvious that it is a wonder more motorcycles did not adopt similar methods. The footrests front and rear for example have an achingly simple and effective mounting method that enables a useful amount of adjustment to the mounting position and therefore rider comfort. The benefits become obvious when considering that we are all such different heights and build and that cars naturally have seat adjustment. The reason may well be the cost of such engineering - it is widely recognised that BMW's are expensive machines.

This R100RS is an exceptional and stunning UK example finished in special option Gold and with the newly launched and super-light Italian made Snowflake cast wheels.

It had two longterm owners, who remain friends to this day, and who are able to recall interesting tales of trips to the Isle of Man with it etc. They both had extensive collections of motorcycles and so the mileage is just 18,893 - unusually low for this nature of machine. It always has been well looked after - it has not been subject to any restoration and it doesn't need any even today.

It has however just undergone a full and thorough going over by marque expert Brian Giles of BGM. He has conducted the fullest service and inspected the bike comprehensively rectifying any issues found. Preventative maintenance has included a complete brake system overhaul, fork overhaul and carburetor overhaul etc and genuine BMW components such as diaphragms, seals and pads etc. have been fitted. It is now fresh and ready for another 38 years of satisfaction.

It also comes complete with Krauser luggage rack and panniers, handbook and the original security lock stowed in the frame tube beneath the tank.

The BMW R100RS defines 'Classic Superbike' - A flagship model, revolutionary design, fast and effective and greatly liked and admired. The values of R90S have recently increased at a high rate and, as a more revolutionary and more 'poster worthy' model , the R100RS is likely to follow soon - particularly for the few examples that have remained with low mileage and in exceptionally good condition. 

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