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There is something about the superbikes from the 1970's. Whether you were lucky enough to own one, you were a schoolboy who had the poster on your bedroom wall, or you just have a taste for the classics - here's Proper Bikes, a living collection of the milestone bikes of the 1970's.

The Collection

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The latest proper bikes

  • Original, unrestored and stunning 1980 Suzuki GS1000S for sale in the UK. Proper Bikes

    Suzuki GS1000S 1980

    With masses of silky smooth power, supreme handling and imposing road presence Suzuki smashed their GS1000 into the eighties in great style with the S version. A proper muscle bike.

  • Honda CBX1000Z for sale, low mileage and in excellent unrestored condition from Paul Brace Proper Bikes

    Honda CBX1000Z 1980

    Released in 1978, the CBX had a huge impact. Magazine testers referred to it as "a revelation" and one stated that "history will rank it with those rare and precious motorcycles which will never, ever be forgotten".

  • Stunning unrestored Honda GL1000 Goldwing for sale with low mileage and great history. Proper Bikes in the UK

    Honda GL1000 Goldwing 1979

    A groundbreaking superbike with a widely acknowledged reputation as the ultimate long distance tourer of the era - but with a less known claim to being the second fastest accelerating production bike in the world.

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the 1970’s  

If you are searching for something special that makes for a wise investment, is a lot of fun, really usable, reliable enough, safe enough & faster than fast enough – you naturally find the 1970's. 



Easy to start, easy to maintain, satisfying to ride sedately - and electrifying to ride hard. 

Each and every Proper Bike has an individual character and provides a refreshingly different kind of enjoyment than more contemporary bikes.

the criteria

Each of these machines are milestone models and special. 

The Proper Bikes Collection consists of the very best - whether  'timewarp' originals or compromise-free restorations.


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